NEC 2000 IPS

The NEAX® 2000 IPS is a full-featured IP-based communications system. It provides pure voice-over-IP (VoIP) peer-to-peer connections across corporate local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN) and also supports time division switching (TDM).

Pure IP switching provides communications between IP Dterms and also provides CCIS network connections with other NEAX 2000 IPS systems. TDM switching provides for communication between legacy stations and trunks. Connections between IP Dterms / CCIS-over-IP and legacy stations / trunks are made via IP Pads, which convert packet-based voice/data to TDM-based voice / data and vice versa. The NEAX 2000 IPS offers the utmost flexibility by providing a choice of time division switching, pure peer-to-peer IP connectivity or a combination of both, all in one system.

NEAX 2000 IPS users have access to hundreds of service features that are used in building unique telephony applications that enhance productivity, reduce operating costs and improve communications efficiently. The innovative modular hardware and software design allows efficient, effective growth within each module from its minimum to its maximum configuration. The NEAX 2000 IPS software design is as advanced as its hardware. It ensures the system will support evolving applications and have the reliability needed to compete in today`s world and into tomorrow`s. The software is designed with modularity in mind. Together, these modular building blocks allow customers to initially buy what they need and add capacity and capabilities as the business demands, resulting in a greater degree of cost control for new installations and for upgrades to features, capacities and the software versions.

The NEAX 2000 IPS provides a rich set of both Key and PBX features and is positioned to provide a comprehensive cost effective solution for the small to medium sized business, hotel property or the enterprise network environment. The NEAX 2000 IPS provides utmost investment protection by allowing the user to take full advantage of both today`s and tomorrow`s technological advancements.

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